What is IYS?

What is IYS?

  • a union of highly talented young musicians
  • a platform that provides not only orchestral appearances across the whole of Europe, but chamber music opportunities as well
  • we are based in London, Budapest and Berlin
  • our aim is to collaborate and implement projects with the current European Cultural Capitals
  • we gather every 3 months for an orchestral tour,
  • during the time we don’t meet as an orchestra our platform organizes chamber concerts for Music Festivals and events
  • an association of young inspired talents providing a versatile face of music as a whole: we have IYS Symphony, IYS Baroque Spinoff, IYS Jazz, IYS Chamber Ensembles

We created IYS

  • to provide fundamental positions for our fellow musicians
  • to provide opportunities for young musicians to take a leading role in Europe’s classical scene
  • merging international members to form a cross-European cultural movement
  • to supply music to audiences with limited access to culture, to society’s underprivileged members


Our objectives:

IYS consists of highly talented instrumentalists, sourced from the most prestigious conservatories in Europe. The concept of IYS is to enhance the members’ solo and orchestral experience by giving each and every member the opportunity to perform concerti with distinguished conductors in prominent halls. We create centres for IYS in Budapest, London, Paris, Florence and Berlin – where most of our members are from – collaborating with the important events of these cities.

Our goal is to become one of the leading orchestras of Europe recognized by our extraordinary events, young spirit, creativity and freshness on stage, as well as the professional quality we aim to provide. Through IYS in collaboration with the Bozsok Music Festival our supportive backing organisation, MusicAli, intends to set up an international brand which is recognized across the whole of Europe. Our goal is to fulfill young artists’ dreams by giving them support in their profession: concerts, engagements and opportunities to build their careers in music. While aiming for the above mentioned, a wider propagation of classical music, art, and the Western culture to people with less access to these virtues is another important role of initiative.

• giving concerts in European music and art festivals
• creating financial and professional stability for our members
• working together with eminent conductors and soloists
• create strong connections with important organisations in European capitals

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